Brooke Yantzi is a dancer, healer, coach, traveller, surfer and loves creating playful experiences that inspired people to connect, open up, express themselves more fully, and heal. She has a passion for getting youth moving, being a mental health educator, and helping youth feel confident in who they are and connected to those around them. Brooke has been a dancer for over 30 years, training in various genres and travelling internationally learning dances from around the world as well as various healing movement modalities. For the last 10 years, Brooke has been working in the education world, teaching over 250,000 kids and educators in schools about mental health, anti-bullying, pro-kindness, positive social interactions, self-esteem and more, through dance. She has taught dance classes, presented at conferences and trained instructors to teach DANCEPL3Y in Australia, the UK, Kenya, Mexico, and all over North America including rural Indigenous communities across Northern Canada.

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