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Welcome to the Ohana Girls Project

A global community of girls supporting girls 


On a recent journey to Hawaii our family fell in love with Hawaiian culture, feeling their heart and power in the “Ohana” community. Ohana is not only a community united by blood lines, but rather shared values and principles for living. Ohana is a way of living in harmony and growing together! 

This is the heart of the Ohana Girls Project! The mission is to create a global community of girls thread together in inspiration, education and empowerment! 

Having 3 teenage daughters Taylor 15, Kya 14, Shae 13, as a mother I am passionate to create community amongst girls and bring forth the wisdom and narrative of so many brilliant women to inspire you. This is a platform to celebrate our differences, learning from one another and rising together! 

We are so excited to have you a part of this project! Thank you for joining..

Spiritual Girls Community

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